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Through broad exposures and experiences, L'Vereese has deepened and widened her inherited talents from her family's vast lineage of spiritually gifted psychics and healers. L'Vereese professionally continues the development of her gifts. She's currently a Minister of Healing, Reiki Master, Angelic Channel and a Certified Intuitive Life Coach.

L'Vereese's intuitive gifts were evident in her early childhood. L'Vereese has dedicated her life to the integration of religion and spirituality for world unity, peace and oneness. L'Vereese has trained and developed all her gifts, talents, and skills with love and dedication to God for over 20 years with conscious individuals and various healing modalities. With the vision that all spiritual paths lead to the same destinaI am Psychic Channeling Healer, and I work with your soul group ( Spirit, your Spirit Guides, and your Angels). Based on were you are on your life's journey, they then guide you with the best advice for soul development and spiritual growth. They will suggest which path is best for you, and the steps to getting there. I will not promise you a quick fix, or sugar coat the information that I receive, but I will give you and honest and accurate answer. Together with guidance and your openess to recieve the information that is given. You can learn how to live a life filled with good health, love, money and happiness.

I meet with clients in person, phone or by skype. Readings are $2.00 min. with a minumum of 20 minutes.


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